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Neil Marsh replied to Wil Young's discussion Meetings or get togethers in the group Northwest Heathens
"I think there's a lot more free thinkers and pantheists out there who just haven't found this site Like you, I feel the lack of community.  I'm thinking that was the hope of whoever set this site up.  When are you coming to…"
Dec 2
Moray posted photos
Nov 30
Wil Young commented on Peter Hall's group Northwest Heathens
"No emails yet. Goooly. The whole format of the page just changed. Wonder what caused that. I just added a post to the Discussion Forum. Let's see what happens to it. As for Pantheism: I guess that's what I've been most of my life.…"
Nov 14
Wil Young replied to Brandon CS Sanders's discussion In Person Get Together in the NW over 2015 Summer Solstice? in the group Northwest Heathens
"Hi Brandon, Did you ever get this gathering gathering off the ground? Wil Port Townsend  WA"
Nov 14
Wil Young added a discussion to the group Northwest Heathens

Meetings or get togethers

I am new to these Pantheism groups and hoped I could find folks who got together once in a while to contemplate nature or whatever. It looks like there has been no communal activity in this group for years. Has there ever been? Or is that something that Pantheist just don't do much of? It's a bit disappointing.    See More
Nov 14
Neil Marsh commented on Peter Hall's group Northwest Heathens
"You got me! When I post this, do you not get an email?  (If that's not working, that probably explains why there is so little activity!)  It's not my site, we could probably ask the admins to look into it. So, what's your…"
Nov 12
Wil Young commented on Peter Hall's group Northwest Heathens
"Neil, Maybe you could help. What's the difference between Comment Wall and Discussion Forum? Just below this comment box there is a little envelope icon and "Stop Following".  When I click on it it turns to "Follow."…"
Nov 12
Neil Marsh commented on Peter Hall's group Northwest Heathens
"I'm in Saskatchewan"
Nov 12
Wil Young commented on Peter Hall's group Northwest Heathens
"North Olympic Peninsula, Port Townsend."
Nov 12
Neil Marsh commented on Peter Hall's group Northwest Heathens
"Just hibernating I guess!   No shortage of heathens in these parts ;) What part of the country are you in?"
Nov 12
Wil Young commented on Peter Hall's group Northwest Heathens
"Newby here. Doesn't look like much is happening. Has this group gone dead?"
Nov 11
Wil Young commented on World Pantheism's group Seattle region
"Newby here. Looks like nothing's been happening here for a couple of years.  Is it really that dead?"
Nov 11
Johannes Fangmeyer commented on World Pantheism's group Sustainable Living
"Hi, my name is Johannes Fangmeyer, I have a site at It is in german. I am interested in systainability."
Nov 7
Paxdora Pansapiens-Kosmosian posted photos
Oct 23
Paxdora Pansapiens-Kosmosian replied to World Pantheism's discussion Photography in the group Arts & Photography
Oct 23
Prentice B Johnson posted a photo
Oct 22
James Parvizi posted photos
Oct 13
James Parvizi commented on Paul Harrison's group Orange County & S. Los Angeles
"I just joined the group. I was wondering if you have met before?  what about now? anybody interested in meeting somewhere in Laguna Beach, where it's very easy to fall in love with the Nature? thanks,"
Oct 9
Harp posted a photo
Oct 1
LeRoy Barnhart commented on World Pantheism's group Water Cooler
"IMHO each of us is a sect of one; picking elements from belief systems that we can agree with--and it is an evolving process. I call myself a pantheist because the oneness of the universe is all inclusive. And more . . ."
Sep 6


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