This community is superior to Facebook in many ways - it's a great place to have conversations on deep or important topics and not have them drop out of sight within hours or days.  Your thoughts and messages will stay as a resource for others to read later. Share and inspire on Nature, Earth and Universe. Explore aspects of practical living from a pantheist point of view. Ask pantheist FAQs.

Please avoid to-and-fro feuds or pedantic or political arguments which would quickly swamp everything else. This community is not suitable for contentious debate. 
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In recent years Facebook has corralled into itself almost everyone and works to keep them there. Independent communities like this have seen severe drops in activity. Many have been forced to close. We want to keep this community going. Everyone can help, If enough people post, stuff will happen. Be the change that you hope to see here.

We are making a few changes to help. This community could revive with 15 - 20 regular visitors  posting inspiring messages, reflections or FAQs. But if these messages are scattered around our 105 groups, they risk being unread and unanswered. So we are focusing on just 4 or 5 more general conversations. Anyone can visit any of these and read what's there - but if you want to post you need to become a member.
The Water Cooler conversation is about more generic things including discussion and FAQs about pantheism.


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Earth: Problems, Solutions; Sustainable living,

Focusing on planetary trends. climate, biodiversity etc Practical ways in which we can live in harmony with Nature and mitigate catastrophic change to Earth. (envt) (pliving)See More
Antony Van der Mude commented on World Pantheism's group Water Cooler
"I was just exploring "anti-racism" in another forum. I realized it bugs me because it is the absence of a vice, but does not express a virtue. It's like the word "atheism" - that says what I am not, but Pantheism says what I…"
Paul Harrison commented on World Pantheism's group Water Cooler
"Christopher, there are many philosophical topics that can affect people's attitude to life and reality, for good or for bad - eg the whole field of Ethics. OrDo we have free will? Is the Universe a simulation, projection or illusion?Is …"
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Christopher Stewart commented on World Pantheism's group Water Cooler
"Paul : thanks for the explanation... in my view, there's not much point in philosophy if it cannot be applied to « down to earth stuff »... for what it's worth, i still find the distinction counterproductive, especially if the…"
Antony Van der Mude commented on Sharon "Honeybee" Wells's group Nature: Beauty, Plants, animals, experiences
"Oh - that is so nice. My family lived in Great Village and Wolfville until I was 6. It is a lovely area to be in."
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Reviving the site

For discussing ways of re-energizing this community. This is actually the best-featured venue the WPM has, better in many ways than Facebook. How can we increase posting? How can we get people to take a break from the many distractions of Facebook? Please join this group if you would like to help by increasing your own postings, or just listening in and making occasional suggestions.See More
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This category has been closed

Started by Paul Harrison in Politics, Economics, International Affairs on Sunday. 0 Replies

Politics can be very divisive indeed and get very bitter, even among pantheists, so we avoid political discussions.Continue


Started by World Pantheism in Other religions - theistic. Last reply by Karson Campbell Feb 4, 2014. 379 Replies

Many of us were reared as Christians and carry feelings that derive from that - in some cases negative, in others positive.This is the place to get your feelings off your chest, or to examine individual aspects of Christianity.Continue

Free will and determinism

Started by World Pantheism in Philosophical issues. Last reply by Thomas Earle Moore Dec 20, 2010. 364 Replies

THIS DISCUSSION IS NOW ARCHIVED -PLEASE JOIN THE NEW DISCUSSION IN THE DEBATE SOCIETY GROUPPlease note that the World Pantheist Movement does not have any viewpoint on the…Continue

Buddhisms - good and not so good

Started by World Pantheism in Other religions - non theist. Last reply by David William Kiebert May 24, 2014. 212 Replies

Since the death of Gautama Sakyamuni, Buddhism has fragmented into many hundreds of different sects, ranging from reality denying and life rejecting ones, to accepting and, well, frankly pantheistic ones. It could be said that those that stress the…Continue

Out of the box

Started by Roger Glaim in Water cooler. Last reply by John Hodgson May 25, 2014. 177 Replies


World Pantheism and Religious Naturalism

Started by World Pantheism in Pantheism's close and distant friends. Last reply by Evan Oct 22, 2013. 151 Replies

Are these the same or different? Is one a subset of the other? Are both subsets of something else?Are there different versions of Religious Naturalism?Is Religious Naturalism of the variety expressed in the Yahoo RN group using the term Naturalism…Continue



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