This community is free of Facebook distractions and a great place to have extended conversations on important topics and not have them drop out of sight within hours or days. Share and inspire on Nature, Earth and Universe. Explore aspects of practical living from a pantheist point of view and plan activities and gatherings. This community is life and Earth-focused, not suitable for contentious debate. Scroll down to see the latest messages! 

*ALL GROUPS ARE FUNCTIONAL - if no recent activity then browse the posts for viewpoints and info and SET THE BALL ROLLING AGAIN on topics you'd like answers or responses about!*
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Lucia-Luna Helou commented on World Pantheism's group L'Angolo Italiano
"Ciao tutt* Volevo chiedere se conoscete or se siete panteisti e vivete a Torino. Se si, scrivetemi."
Lucia-Luna Helou joined World Pantheism's group

L'Angolo Italiano

Gruppo per promuovere un senso di comunità tra Panteisti di lingua madre italiana e tutti gli amici dell’Italia. National group open to Italian speakers. (localgroup) (countrq)See More
Lucia-Luna Helou joined Sharon "Honeybee" Wells's group

Nature Observations

Many of us appreciate pantheism largely for its emphasis on the natural world. Please share things you experience in nature as you live out your everyday life that stop you in your tracks with wonder and gratitude. (envt, intrst)See More
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Apr 5
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Mar 27
cindy padilla is now a member of World Pantheism
Mar 25
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Water Cooler

Our common room. Introduce yourself and where you're from. Share brief inspiring thoughts, quotes, photos, links and so on, that will interest everyone. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR DEBATE OR PHILOSOPHICAL/POLITICAL DISCUSSION. FAQs are OK.See More
Mar 24
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Mar 24
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Mar 15
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Mar 7
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Mar 4
Rianna Rose commented on Paul Harrison's group Re-energizing This Community
"Hi Jan! We're glad to have you! As you can see there have been some stalled conversations around revitalization. It seems that we haven't quite hit the tipping point of a self-motivated movement. With more people potentially there will be…"
Mar 2
Jan K joined World Pantheism's group

Ageing With Grace

Sharing ideas and experience on maximizing our healthy years of life, and accepting the changes that occur with age. (lifestages) (pliving) (hlth)See More
Feb 28
LeRoy Barnhart liked World Pantheism's group Water Cooler
Feb 28
Jan K commented on Paul Harrison's group Re-energizing This Community
"Hi everyone, my name is Jan.  I just joined this website and this group.  I'm a bit disappointed to see that there isn't a lot of recent discussion in most of the groups.  I would definitely like to play a part in changing…"
Feb 28
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Re-energizing This Community

For discussing ways of re-energizing this community. This is actually the best-featured venue the WPM has, better in many ways than Facebook. How can we increase posting? How can we get people to take a break from the many distractions of Facebook? Please join this group if you would like to help by increasing your own postings, or just listening in and making occasional suggestions.See More
Feb 28
Jan K commented on World Pantheism's group Lake Michigan
"Hi fellow Lake Michigan locals!  My name is Jan and I just discovered this website.  I live a mile from the shores of Lake Michigan in Racine, Wisconsin.  Hoping to connect with others who love the beauty and power of our great lake!"
Feb 28
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Lake Michigan

A regional local group for pantheists around Lake Michigan to get to know each other, discuss local issues, and arrange meetings and outings. (localgroup) Photo: waterfall in Chicago Botanic Garden.See More
Feb 28


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