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Comment by James Bertam Heaton on Monday

  Well it is all a wounderas thing . God, Energy, Nature, Universe, just to have a mined to conceive it all is pretty cool. For me it is and has always been one word to say it all that word is (Oneness) it all seems to be attached in one way or a another.

  Great poem Deb, David, Antony, Walter,Don, Shan, thank you all for your comments as always my fellow Pantheist did not let me down and I have learned more about a subject that I am constantly  challenging my self with. Bowing

Comment by Deb Schmidt on Sunday

Hello everyone. New here. :)   Pantheism in poetry is beautiful to me.  Some of my favorites are by poets such as Burroughs and D.H. Lawrence. This poem touches me.  Enjoy.  

 “Every walk to the woods is a religious rite, every bath in the stream is a saving ordinance. Communion service is at all hours, and the bread and wine are from the heart and marrow of Mother Earth. There are no heretics in Nature’s church; all are believers, all are communicants. The beauty of natural religion is that you have it all the time; you do not have to seek it afar off in myths and legends, in catacombs, in garbled texts, in miracles of dead saints or wine-bibbing friars. It is of today; it is now and here; it is everywhere.” 
~John Burroughs, Accepting the Universe 

Comment by David William Kiebert on Sunday

Calling the universe or energy  "God" is an equivocation, and perhaps a euphemism, like calling a bathroom a "powder room."

Comment by Antony Van der Mude on Saturday

James, if God is another word for energy, then trees need God. Personally, when I refer to God, it is usually in reference to a personal God, which I don't believe in. Otherwise, as a Pantheist, my notion of God is reverence for the Universe in its totality.

Comment by Walter Alan Mandell on July 25, 2014 at 6:53pm


I cannot speak for other Pantheists, but I avoid using the 'God' word. That said, the Universe does possess some, but not all, the attributes attributed to a theistic 'God'. Specifically it is omnipresent, eternal or at least very ancient (going back to the Big Bang), magnificent (to me), awesome (to me), and omnipotent (it is not possible to violate the laws of physics). But it differs from the theistic notion of 'God' by not caring at all what I or anyone else wants (or prays for), nor promising a Heaven or Hell as a consequence for my deeds and beliefs, and it demands no rituals.

If talking to a theist, I might refer to it as "almighty reality".

The only type of "prayer" it responds to is reality based action. That really can change things a bit.

Comment by Don Duffey on July 25, 2014 at 5:28pm
And, to add some levity, being a pantheist makes cursing tricky.
Comment by Shane W on July 25, 2014 at 3:29pm

That being said, I agree with this quote from the website: "Most of us avoid "god-language" and the rest use it metaphorically." I avoid it unless the context of the conversation makes it necessary.

Comment by Shane W on July 25, 2014 at 3:27pm

Man created God. It's part of our lexicon and probably always will be. There's nothing wrong with using the term "God" to describe a pantheist view of the universe. If anything, it's helpful in articulating pantheist views to others who have trouble conceiving of existence without a "God."

Comment by Roger Glaim on July 25, 2014 at 3:02pm

Hey you guys !! Are you all pantheists or are you covert deists ?? If you are WPM members why not call things by their common names. Like the universe is "the universe" or the universe has always been so in one form or other-- not!! created by some magical entity. Trees for me are part of the evolutionary process of our planet.  you think ???    Roger

Comment by James Bertam Heaton on July 20, 2014 at 6:42pm

 Magnificent, Dave


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