At this time when our core values are under grave threat, consider this free community as a place where you can find and network with fellow scientific pantheists locally nationally and globally. Where we can express, inspire and take action for Nature and the planet, human and animal rights, and respect for science. Where we can explore aspects of practical living from a pantheist point of view, and plan activities and gatherings.
This community differs from Facebook in several worthwhile ways.
* You can join a local group here easily. More local groups will be created as needed - you can suggest one HERE. 
* You can search for members near you and message them.
* You can join various interest or action groups
* The life wisdom or insights you share will stay in place for you and others to consult.

If a group is inactive - post a message and start them rolling!

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Please add a photo – it makes a big difference! And introduce yourself in our Common Room.
For more details about scientific pantheism, see

Please note that this community is not suitable for religious or philosophical debate.


Tina Gibbons left a comment for Lisa Bostlund
"Thank you for the warm welcome! I am excited to find out more and meet some interesting people."
Lisa Bostlund left a comment for Tina Gibbons
"Hello and Welcome to this group Tina.. and hubby too..  we hope you'll find much inspiration here and many new friends to talk with.. once again WELCOME...........  Lisa"
Profile IconTina Gibbons, Taylor Trettel, Nicole Ford and 1 more joined World Pantheism
Lisa Bostlund left a comment for Nicole Ford
"Hello and welcome to this group of wonderful interesting folk.. I am sure you'll find much of interest.. ENJOY.... Lisa"
Ambra and Hasan K. are now friends
Lisa Bostlund left a comment for Suzanne Langley
"hello and welcome welcome welcome... nice to have you here. hope you find lots of new friends here.. and ENJOY.. Lisa"
Profile IconSuzanne Langley, Ambra and Shelda joined World Pantheism
Shelda joined Peter Hall's group

Northwest Heathens

A regional local group, open to all in the Northwest US and Western Canada, for chat and outdoor adventure. Photo: Mt Rainier (localgroup)
Ambra commented on World Pantheism's group London
"Hello, I've been a pantheist for a while but only recently found a name to describe myself! Looking forward to chatting and hopefully meeting some of you."
Ambra joined World Pantheism's group


A group for London region UK Pantheists to arrange meetings, network, and share. (localgroup) Photo: Bluebells on Hampstead HeathSee More
Lisa Bostlund left a comment for Shelda
"Welcome welcome welcome to this group!... nice to meet you and I hope we can get to know you better..  Enjoy!.... Lisa"
Kevin Michaels and Gino Michael Virassamy are now friends
Antony Van der Mude commented on World Pantheism's group Common Room
"Roger, I agree with you 100% Religion is a mixed bag, like every human endeavour, but on the positive side it provides a perspective that helps to illuminate one's place in the world. Pantheism, for example, has a viewpoint that everything…"
Lisa Bostlund left a comment for James Kasten
"Welcome Welcome to the Group... nice to meet you.. Hope you come here often and find many like minded friends.. Lisa"
Profile IconJames Kasten and Ellen Goodman joined World Pantheism
Lisa Bostlund left a comment for Ellen Goodman
"I loved your story.. Welcome to the Group.. Please come often and I hope you find good company here.. Lisa"
Hasan K. joined World Pantheism's group

Eastern Europe

This group is for European countries from Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia etc and Eastwards. When there are enough people from a given country, country groups can be created. Photo: Bigar Cascade Falls, Romania. (countrq) (localgroup)See More
Hasan K. posted a blog post

Pantheism Discord

Hello, I've created a Discord server for Pantheists, or people interested in Pantheism, to discuss Pantheism and its aspects. Here's the link: More
Jun 19
Profile IconHasan K. and Moon joined World Pantheism
Jun 18
Antony Van der Mude commented on World Pantheism's group Common Room
"James, what I like about being a Unitarian Universalist is being part of a religious community where being a Pantheist is accepted and celebrated. When I hear about mycologists like yourself it reminds me that the composer John Cage was an expert on…"
Jun 16


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